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Turnkey Integrators’ History in the Industry

Turnkey Integrators brings together a team with 290+ years of experience in the security services and low voltage systems industry. Our team has worked on system design, installations, service/maintenance, custom hardware and software development, and permitting/inspection of a variety of hardwired and wireless low voltage security and fire alarm systems. All of our field personnel carry current Texas DPS licensing for alarm and access control systems. We enjoy our team members and hope that you too can experience and appreciate the unique abilities each person brings to the team:

Meet Our Team

Peter Geer

19 years experience

Peter began in the security industry in 1999, first learning mechanical locks and systems before quickly expanding into electronic access control. Utilizing skills learned as a project manager for large accounts, Turnkey Integrators was formed in February, 2008. Peter continues to support all facets of the business, providing surveys and estimates for most security systems, as well as design, technical support, and general business management. Peter enjoys solving technical problems and does not back away from challenges.

Bill Johnson

13 years experience

Bill started in the security industry in 2006, with previous military and extensive electronics experience, and troubleshooting skills. Bill holds the OSHA 10 certification, along with Axis and DMP certifications. Bill loves electronics, as most of us here do, but not many possess the combined skill set that Bill utilizes to solve problems. He has extensive industry experience and has installed and serviced every type of system that we work on. Bill is our full-time service technician and has been since we started a service department. With expert troubleshooting skills and ability to adapt to various environments, there aren’t many problems Bill can’t solve. Bill also excels in programming and software installations and assists with installations at times to design and test out systems. Bill embodies the spirit and passion of Turnkey Integrators and will not give up on finding solutions to difficult problems.

John Hessler

3 years experience

John has 30 years of experience in electronics, mainly in the satellite and telecom areas. He has had no trouble picking up low voltage systems installation in the short time with Turnkey so far, and excels in network cabling and terminations. John is a well-rounded technician capable of working on all of the systems we install. In addition to DMP training, he currently holds his Verint Systems and OSHA30 certifications and has become our resident safety expert.

Luz Esquivel

45 years experience

Luz has been with us for over 3 years now, but he has over 45 years of experience In the security industry. One of the best installers around with a long installation history, there’s probably not a system out there that Luz hasn’t seen or worked on. Luz is a consistent, well-rounded installer and a master cable installer. Luz has been trained on DSC and DMP, and is familiar with all types of security alarm and fire alarm systems as well as various CCTV and access control systems. It is great to have the experience of Luz on our team.

Matthew Alexander

18 years experience

Matthew started in 2013 start with Turnkey Integrators, and has many years of alarm and audio/video installation experience. Matthew exemplifies the quality and consistent work the we love to provide to customers. Matthew is our resident expert in DSC and Honeywell/Ademco alarm systems and has completed DMP and Paxton training. Matthew also gained his fire alarm license in 2018 and is well versed in all areas of low voltage installations. We have received many compliments from clients on Matthew’s excellent work and professionalism.

Michael Rios

3 years experience

Michael joined Turnkey in 2018 and has 3 years of experience in security and fire alarms. He recently completed DMP training and is quickly becoming a master technician on fire alarm systems and programming. Michael currently holds a fire alarm license and is working on Kidde certification for fire systems installation and programming.

Kerry Geer

10 years experience

One of the original business partners in Turnkey Integrators, Kerry currently manages the accounting functions and helps keep the business on track by providing payroll, invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivables, business insurance and vehicle management.

All employees are licensed as required by the state of Texas for security and fire alarm installations and service. You can verify and search all licensed security companies and individuals here:

View Licensed Companies and Professionals

This includes professional hands on experience with the following:

  • Enterprise card access systems
  • Large (600+ cameras) CCTV systems, remote, solar/cellular, and cloud video systems
  • High security intrusion detection systems
  • Fire Alarm systems of all sizes
  • Elevator interface/integration for card readers, fire alarm, and security cameras
  • Intercom and video intercom systems, IP, SIP, Audio
  • Badging systems, card stock, badge printers
  • Custom hardware and software development
  • Mechanical and electrical door hardware
  • Network configuration
  • Home and business automation systems, z-wave, smart locks, thermostats, doorbells, and various other sensors and wireless devices
  • Working with all local municipalities, fire departments, and building inspectors for permits and inspections as required.

All employees are licensed as required by the state of Texas for security and fire alarm installations and service. You can verify and search all licensed security companies and individuals here:


In addition, we have several technicians trained in safety procedures and awareness, up to the OSHA30 level. Safety comes first and we will continue to train and stay current on best practices in all situations.

We enjoy solving problems! There is almost always a way to meet a unique need or solve a challenging problem, it’s usually just a matter of time and effort. We are invested in your success. We are expert troubleshooters and will work with owners, manufacturers, and software providers for the best solution in each situation.

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